I'm BLUE....Like the color.

An author and professional keynote speaker dedicated to helping individuals, leaders and organizations build trust and meaningful relationships. 


Blue Stiley, draws upon over thirty years of diverse expertise as an author, entrepreneur, martial arts instructor, and professional actor and model to deliver captivating and impactful keynote presentations. His dynamic blend of compelling stories, pop-culture, humor, and audience interaction inspires action that empowers leaders and organizations to forge extraordinary and meaningful relationships.


You know that, under the right circumstances, you are capable of going far and doing great things. You may even have a vivid image or vision already in mind of a specific you, or what success means to you!

What you don’t know is why some people are highly successful, while others are not. What is their winning formula or strategy? And more importantly, how can you successfully apply this formula to achieving your own goals? 

Sharing personal insights and over three decades of experience as a human connection expert, professional keynote speaker, martial arts instructor and entrepreneur, Blue Stiley tackles these modern questions. And in The Sum of 4, he will share the solution with you. Blue offers four simple, yet effective, steps and lessons for building and maintaining extraordinary relationships and how to find a winning path to any goal you or your business sets. He explains how these powerful connections have personally inspired and helped thousands become transformative, both personally and professionally, and how they will ultimately win trust, create new business and foster meaningful collaborations for you as well.

Often, the small choices we make greatly influence the trajectories of our lives. Everything you want in business and life is within your reach, so seize your moment. Stop waiting, stop making excuses, close the gap, and start living.
Make a difference and become legendary!