The Sum Of 4


Hardcover Edition

The Sum of 4 takes you on a journey through the four elements you need to master to achieve the sum that will unlock the equation. Those four elements are: mentor, develop, execute, and succeed. Blue will walk you through each element. In the process, he’ll share his personal stories of how he found a mentor in the most unlikely place and learned to develop skills required to always making a plan, executing it, and eventually succeeding in every goal he has set. From dealing with a childhood bully, beginning his entrepreneurial journey at the age of twelve, becoming fluent in multiple languages, having a successful international acting and modeling career, to becoming a fitness and personal development guru, successful author, and a human connection keynote speaker where he has inspired and empowered thousands of students, individuals, Olympic athletes, leaders, executives and entrepreneurs.

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You know that, under the right circumstances, you are capable of going far and doing great things. You may even have a vivid image or vision already in mind of a specific you, or what success means to you!

What you don’t know is why some people are highly successful, while others are not. What is their winning formula or strategy? And more importantly, how can you successfully apply this formula to achieving your own goals?

Sharing personal insights and over three decades of experience as a human connection expert, professional keynote speaker, martial arts instructor and entrepreneur, Blue Stiley tackles these modern questions. And in The Sum of 4, he will share the solution with you. Blue offers four simple, yet effective, steps and lessons for building and maintaining extraordinary relationships and how to find a winning path to any goal you or your business sets. He explains how these powerful connections have personally inspired and helped thousands become transformative, both personally and professionally, and how they will ultimately win trust, create new business and foster meaningful collaborations for you as well.

Let Blue be your mentor on your journey to self-leadership and discovery. In these pages he provides a success roadmap. When you follow it, you will be on the most effective and efficient path toward where you want to be!

What people are saying about The Sum of 4

The Sum of 4 is a must read if you want to find a new outlook on life and challenge yourself! I’ve been lucky enough to know Blue for most of my life, and this book truly captivates the reader, almost as much as his voice does!”

— Jean-Luc Baker
Team USA Figure Skater

“Blue Stiley takes readers on a rollercoaster ride full of ’80s nostalgia as well as hard-hitting truths and inspiration about what it takes to succeed in life. You will laugh. You will cheer. But best of all, you will come away changed and knowing how to continue to change for the better so you can achieve the things you most want in life.”

— Tyler Tichelaar
PhD Award-Winning Author of The Best Place and Narrow Lives

“Blue Stiley tells a compelling story that teaches, inspires, and gives the reader both insights into self-discovery and encouragement for finding a happier and more productive path forward. In a crowded field of self-improvement books, Stiley sets himself apart with his honest analysis, original thinking, and positive approach. He is humble, down to earth, trustworthy, and gives hope and conveys energy. A very fine work that will be valued by the reader and reread many times.”

— Will F. Abrams
Consulting Professor, Stanford University                                                                          Attorney at Law, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt

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