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Too many individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations are stuck. Instead of propelling their trajectories forward and upward, they remain stagnant, being passed by and failing to reach their full potential. That is where Blue Stiley comes in! 

He is an unwavering optimist with a rare talent of business wisdom, relationship brilliance and the ability to connect. He discovered a remarkable formula about how the greatest leaders and most successful people act, overcome obstacles, connect and communicate. A popular human connection keynote speaker, he shares his formula and unconventional techniques that helped him build extraordinary relationships and thrive as a young entrepreneur, business owner, college student, martial arts expert, international actor and model, a father and now a successful author. 

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8 Lessons to make a positive impact

It’s never wrong to do the right thing, and how you do anything, is how you’ll do everything. Whether it’s your brand, company, organization or just yourself, how you show up each and everyday matters! This is because it influences your personal success and plays a role shaping the culture, productivity, and success of an entire organization or community. At the age of eight, Blue was introduced to the most influential person he ever met, in the most unlikely of places. Under his guidance, he was taught to combine patience, optimism, continuous improvement and wisdom in order to make the greatest impact both personally and professionally. In this compelling and transformative message, the audience will learn the qualities, actions and skills necessary to easily go above and beyond, grow their influence, and make a lasting impact that spreads like wild fire.

The 3 C's

Connections, Community and Collaborations

Every person we meet, every conversation we have, become opportunities that can shape and change our lives. Successfully connecting and surrounding yourself around great mentors, leaders, and people who have been where you want to be is the catalyst to catapulting your success to new heights. Creating meaningful relationships and improving the way you connect with them is the “secret sauce.” Learn to develop, build and leverage these connections and relationships to create new business, gain trust and reach your full potential.


Four principles to unleash a path to achieving success

Life is not a one-size fits all template and there is no one-right way of achieving or doing something. Learn the proven formula of how the greatest leaders, organizations and most successful people act, create genuine relationships, set goals, and communicate to achieve their dreams and goals time and time again. Audiences will also gain and develop new and innovative ways to overcome challenges, setbacks and failure. This engaging experience is a candid and far-ranging look at how your mindset and perspective can help reinvent and re-energize yourself, your team and or your business. 


The makeup of an extraordinary goal setter

Successful people have a clear and vivid image for what they expect to accomplish. They take chances, face their fears, are persistent, embrace change, adapt, learn to leverage challenges and setbacks to their advantage. They let nothing limit or stop them on their journey. Learn to shift your mindset and discover empowering techniques to develop the necessary tools to becoming unstoppable both personally and professionally. At a young age, Blue learned to set clear goals like how to overcome his childhood bully, use chocolate milk and the sale of sports cards to pay for his entire college education, and live out his early dream to become an international actor, model and the “Next Bowflex Guy”. In this authentic, inspiring and entertaining story of vision, persistence and passion, Blue will outline how it’s possible for anyone, from any background, to think and dream bigger than ever before to achieve extraordinary success.  

Custom Keynotes Tailored To Your Organization
Any of Blue's presentations can be tailored to your audience or event style. Blue will work with you directly prior to your event to create or customize content to meet your objectives. Keynotes from 30 to 90 minutes, more Q&A, and everything in between.  


Unleash your potential, learn to push beyond your limits and achieve peak performance.


Surround yourself around talented people who have achieved the results you desire.

Business Development

Create long-term value, achieve sustainable growth and build strategic partnerships.

Inspire your team where they are.

Blue is available for virtual & live events.


Blue was the perfect speaker to address our group about the importance of mentorship and how to become who you actually want to be. From the personal stories to the easy-to-remember acronyms, listeners were easily immersed in his lessons. With the help of Blue's moving and informative presentation, our newly structured mentorship program got off to a great start with the highest level of involvement to date.
After reading the book, The Sum of 4, I knew my sales team would benefit from these principles! I booked Blue as a guest speaker for a sales meeting with my team. Blue was excellent! He managed to connect, engage, inspire and motivate each person in that room! He was generous with his time and allowed each team member a chance to approach him after the presentation with any follow up questions. This exceeded my expectations. The result? A month later, my team production has increased and I believe strongly that Blue played an integral part in that by motivating with his knowledge, experience, humor and techniques.
Charles (Bill) Berryhill
Branch Sales manager, Bankers Life